Skin Consultations

We think skin is brilliant! It is our job to make skin healthy and to give you the knowledge to care for your largest organ in the best possible way. Future proof your skin with our in-depth Skin Consultation. This is the beginning of your skin health journey and it is how we also manage and maintain the health of your skin for a lifetime.

We are here to ensure your largest living organ is nurtured and nourished from the inside out, so that you will look and feel radiantly glowing.



This in-depth Skin Consultation takes images of the skin from the surface and underneath with the Eventis skin scanner. Highlighting any damage or imperfections, so that we can see the health of the skin, which then allows us to advise you on the correct skin care to treat the skin from the inside out. You will be able to download an app to keep your images and skin prescription. The app provides you with all the skin education you need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions regarding the health of your skin for a lifetime.
Once you begin to feed the skin with what it needs, your future skin scanned images should reveal healthier skin.

60 Minutes  £50

(£30.00 of this price is redeemable against a product purchase on the same day).


This is for all of our clients who are already on their skincare journey. We recommend booking this consultation every 6 months to ensure you are continuing to use the correct products for you.

30 Minutes  £20

(Price redeemable against a product purchase).