Experience the power of personalised skincare with our customised facials at Feel Good Therapy. Our expertise enables us to tailor each facial to your unique needs, revitalising your complexion and leaving you with a radiant, glowing skin.


This is the ultimate self-care “hands-on” relaxing Environ massage facial, which will soothe, balance and nourish the skin.

This relaxing treatment begins with a triple step cleansing process with gentle (optional) steam, extractions (if needed) and warm mitts, followed by a relaxing face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. A treatment mask to suit your skin concerns is applied, while you relax with a soothing hand or foot massage, with heated mitts or boots. 

This treatment will leave you radiant, relaxed and refreshed.

We complete the Facial with moisturiser and SPF.

The length of time of the treatment, determines the length of the face & scalp massage in the treatment.

60 Minutes  £50

75 Minutes  £65

90 Minutes  £80