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Yvette Greenway

Winner of the IIAA Green Salon Of The Year Award

The impact humans are having on our planet is fast becoming a problem. The beauty industry has played a huge part in the damage we have already created and we all need to make changes. Here are some of the things we are doing with our small business and we are open to your comments and suggestions for what more we can do.

We aim to make our little Studio have as minimal impact on the planet as possible. We encourage our clients to help us do this.

We aim to be as environmentally conscious as possible and we discount your treatment if you wish to bring a Bath Sheet Towel with you, this reduces our daily laundry. We kindly ask you to bring one Bath Sheet to your Facial appointments and we will discount £3.00. Please bring two Bath Sheets to your Body Massage appointments and we will discount £5.00.

We encourage our clients to bring back their empty Environ containers so that we can recycle them via the IIAA recycling scheme. We give all of our clients 5% discount off the retail price as our way of saying thank you for recycling with us. The IIAA pay us £1.00 per container for sending them back, we donate this recycling money to a local charity.

We choose to work with product brands that are also environmentally conscious and are working carefully to minimise their impact on the planet.

We try where possible to order in bulk, to avoid the impact of regular deliveries.

We recycle all of the packaging from our products and deliveries. If possible, we reuse packaging for future deliveries.

Our Studio is powered by PV solar panels and our hot water is provided by solar thermal panels. Our building is also highly insulated to be as energy efficient as possible.

As the business is a home based salon, Yvette lives next to the Studio and Kimberley lives across the road. We both walk to work, this is as minimal impact to the planet as possible!

We avoid the use of paper where possible, we do not print receipts and we store our consultation forms and client data securely through our booking system – Fresha.

We have moved our Price Lists online to avoid the excess printing of paper, which is often thrown away.

We use the used ground coffee beans as fertiliser on the Lavender outside the Studio.

We use the brand Ecover cleaning and laundry products. We also dust with microfibre cloths and just water. We sanitise with Ecover cleaning spray and paper towel between treatments.

We use reusable towelling mitts as much as possible to avoid using cotton wool, we also use paper cotton buds. We would only use cotton wool for eyelash/eyebrow tinting and nail polish remover.

We only use paper bags to package retail products, or encourage our clients to take them home in their own bag. We provide our clients with a cloth bag for them to use when they are visiting the Studio and for general use.

We send Birthday messages and discounts via our booking system – Fresha, to avoid the posting of many paper birthday cards each year.

We send product deliveries with our local post man, through the Royal Mail app. This avoids excess trips driving to the Post Office.

With the surname “Greenway” we certainly like to run our business in a “Green Way”.


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